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Staying Headstrong to Live Your Legazy With These Baybayin Caps

Staying Headstrong to Live Your Legazy With These Baybayin Caps


Have you been feeling jaded because of the pandemic situation?

Are you frustrated that you can only do so much enclosed by the four walls of your room for more than a year now?

Ever felt like giving up your dreams?

We perfectly understand you. The endless battles, especially those happening inside our heads, seem to be demotivating. A sudden halt to our activities usually causes stress, anxiety, and depression, among others.

According to data released by World Health Organization (WHO), 10 to 20 percent of our youth suffer from various forms of mental health illnesses. Experts said that toxic anxiety symptoms include constant worrying, changes in sleep and eating habits, changes in emotion. Most of which are caused by “uncertainty” and “isolation.”

To some, it may seem like the end of the road to fulfilling their potentials.

But, here at Legazy, we want to remind our fellow Filipinos that there is hope. And it starts with being headstrong as we pursue our dreams.

As we face this pandemic, let us be reminded of who we are. Being proud of our work and profession can combat any negative feelings that we are currently facing. We allotted our time, effort, and other sacrifices to be successful in our chosen paths. No matter what you do in life, remember to give it your all.

That is why we are launching our Salakot 2021 collection. Legazy Salakot 2.0 is a follow-through release for our all-time best-selling collections - Sining and Propesyon Baybayin T-Shirts. Salakot 2.0 features locally-made caps with different prints to remind you of your dream profession or artistic pursuit.

What are these professions?

Doctors and healthcare professionals – Those who sacrifice their own health in the frontlines for the healing of others.

Engineers – Those whose expert knowledge on technology and construction serves as the foundation of our society towards progress.

Teachers – Those who shape the future generations with their valuable lessons.

Architects – Those whose tireless service in planning, designing, and administering to ensure the beauty and safety of our structures to build resilient communities.

Fathers – Those who tirelessly sacrifice caring and surviving their children to foster a happy and loving family.

Mothers – Those whose every touch is full of care and whose sacrifice is full of love.

Musicians – Those whose creativity in writing, arranging, and singing has captured the hearts of every Filipino.

Dancers – Those whose every beat of their bodies pulsates directly to the heartstrings of their audience.

Photographers – Those who capture not just pictures but the hearts and minds of our nation as they tell their stories through their photographs.

Creatives – Those whose creativity breathes life to the arts that inspires every Filipino.

To each one of us, let’s all be headstrong for the Legazy we want to live.
Our hats off to you!



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