These small steps will eventually lead to a reality that professionals and students can now go out in this “New Normal.” Yet we are again faced with new struggles and problems that test the everyday Filipinos on their way to work or school.
June is a month that’s always been significant for many Filipinos. It is a well-known time when we celebrate the Philippines’ Independence Day and honor the men and women who have made it possible in the first place.

“If you work hard enough, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor in the future.”

In fact, Filipinos have been known worldwide for being resilient and hard-working in whichever career or industry. Despite hardships or even heavy workload, instead of resting, we mutter words like, “Kaya ko pa.”

For International Women’s Month, Legazy® listed five outstanding women who became an inspiration for many Filipinos in the Philippines. Each incredible lady on this list reminds us that no matter our gender, we can strive not just for greatness but go beyond the norms of society.