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Packing The Commuting Necessities With LEGAZY®’s Sukbit 2.0

Packing The Commuting Necessities With LEGAZY®’s Sukbit 2.0

Packing The Commuting Necessities With LEGAZY®’s Sukbit 2.0 #1


As life begins to adapt towards a new normal in the Philippines, we’re no longer just confined to staying indoors. With restrictions slowly lifted, more people tend to go out of their homes, whether for quick errands, work-related reporting, or even face-to-face school classes. We find ourselves commuting or traveling by car more frequently than before at the start of the pandemic in 2020. 


This doesn’t mean that we can go out as we please; in fact, the daily necessities to bring when commuting has changed through the last three years. From everyday items like; keys, cellphones, and wallets, there are other items that we’ve added as essentials to our bags or even kept in our pockets.


Suppose you are a daily commuter or even a student ready for face-to-face classes again. In that case, LEGAZY®’s here with the perfect bag to help you carry your daily necessities and more in this multipurpose Sukbit 2.0 Baybayin Cross Body Bag!


Packing The Commuting Necessities With LEGAZY®’s Sukbit 2.0 #2
Following the release of the best-selling Sukbit 1.0, this latest collection from LEGAZY® makes it more convenient to bring all your essential things stylishly and practically.
Packing The Commuting Necessities With LEGAZY®’s Sukbit 2.0 #3


To help you sort out the daily necessities that are a “must-have” in every bag. We’ve listed the top essential starter pack items that every Filipino commuter needs for their day-to-day activities.

  1. Powerbank – With long traffic days and nights, your gadgets must be fully charged even when you are on the go. Keeping a powerbank in your bag lets you charge your phones when your battery is nearly drained while on the road.

  2. Extra facemask – Having a spare facemask in your bag has become a necessity, especially on instances where the strap of your facemask suddenly snaps while you are outside. At the same time, we still face different variants of viruses in the New Normal. It’s still important to have that extra layer of protection. 

  3. Rubbing Alcohol / Alcogel Hand Sanitizer Sanitizing your hands is more critical than commuting since we tend to touch many objects and surfaces. Keeping a small bottle of rubbing alcohol or alcogel will minimize the spread of germs and viruses from your hands. Plus, it makes it even more practical to sanitize often while outdoors or interacting with strangers.

  4. Folding umbrella – Taking on the sun's heat or avoiding getting wet by the rain. Being extra prepared in the dry or wet season in the Philippines means having a compact umbrella to get you through the changing weather while outside.

  5. Ballpens and small notebook – Having your own ballpen and notebook make it more efficient when down notes, listing important details or signing documents.

  6. Coin purse – Separating your coins from your money bills helps organize the money you have in your bag. Plus, it makes it easier to get the cash you need while riding public transportation.

  7. A tumbler of water – If you’re in for a long day outside, staying hydrated is a must, especially with summer's warmer days. More commuters opt to have their own tumbler of water whenever doing strenuous outdoor activities or riding public transportation for long hours.

  8. Vaccination Card – A brand new addition to necessities since Local Government Units (LGUs) encourage Filipinos to get vaccinated against the effects of Covid-19. Similar to personal IDs, your vaccination card is often asked before you can enter or stay within public places or establishments. This makes it even more important to have it in your bag.

  9. Make-up bag or cologne – Rushing to work can make you break a sweat. Having a way to freshen up once reaching your destination is also important to look presentable when meeting others. So people tend to have simple items like face powder, perfume or cologne, and even lip gloss in their bag for any occasion. 

  10. Other Essential items This list wouldn’t be complete without the classic commuter essentials such as house keys, wallet, and your cellphone. Essential things that we can’t leave home without.

While this commuter starter pack can vary depending on the situation, choosing the right bag to bring all your essential items may seem challenging. Thus, make your daily commute more manageable and efficient with LEGAZY®’s 6 in 1 Baybayin Cross Body Bag.


Packing The Commuting Necessities With LEGAZY®’s Sukbit 2.0 #4


The Sukbit 2.0 has four pockets to store your necessities and is adjustable so that you can style it depending on the bulk of the items you will bring each day.


Packing The Commuting Necessities With LEGAZY®’s Sukbit 2.0 #5


So no matter how heavy or light the load you carry just each day, there’s always a reason to keep holding on despite the hardships of life. In tough times and even exciting moments, LEGAZY® will help make your daily commute easier for you to achieve more each day.

Kaya kapit lang hanggang makamit ang mga pangarap mo!


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