It has been almost a year since the pandemic started. You may remember suspensions of classes, companies resorting to work-from-home adjustments, and borders locking down making the headlines. For a whole year, the pandemic required us to continue life differently, and most of the time, confined to the walls of our homes. 

We may be inside our homes' comfort for safety, but why is work-life balance difficult to achieve? It got me thinking why taking a break is essential. 

This current situation was not our regular life. And although work gets done, classes resumed, and almost every establishment reopened, this was not our usual setup. Before, our homes used to be the sanctuary we look forward to getting back to after a long day. Now, it is a place where we do everything from the moment the sun comes up and bids goodbye. 

You might be thinking to rest or take a break for a while, but contradicting it, assuming you don't deserve it and others have it worse. But taking a breather is defined differently for everyone. You may stay at home or plan a getaway for the weekend; either way, all you need is that time to refresh and breathe. Here are the reasons why you deserve to take a break this coming summer:



There's more to life aside from waking up and getting anxious about work and just making it through the day. Taking some time off for yourself gives you a better view. It allows you to see what you could make up of life. 

You could try new hobbies - growing plants, painting, knitting, woodwork, or reading. These will keep you occupied with fresh excitement and fulfillment; even better, you can enjoy these while staying indoors!

This pandemic, I've been so anxious that it kept me awake most nights. But I've tried to go easy on myself and take a break by journaling and reading self-help books - which weren't my usual choices, but I found to be surprisingly enjoying. It helped me see that you'll most likely accomplish things if you're dedicated. That aside from work, and the everyday errands, I could wake up and be excited about other stuff that gives me life, knowing there's more I haven't done and experience. 

Maybe you can also use times like these to plan ahead of time, get to know yourself better, and learn things you always say you have no time doing. The sun isn't just there to remind us to start our days; it's for us to enjoy. We can still live life with restrictions. We can always find enjoyment in this situation!



You may find yourself unproductive and sometimes drained, wondering how that could happen when you're just at home sitting comfortably in front of the computer. The truth is, not being used to the current situation stresses you, leading to unproductivity and exhaustion. That's why you may be grateful but also feel this way. And that is valid. 

You may go out of town, follow all the safety protocols, stay in a safe space, and do things connected with you. Taking a break doesn't have to cost you but your time. You'll find yourself being less irritable and more energized once you've had the break you deserve. 

Remember when all we wanted was to go home after tiring days just to spend more time with our families? Now, we're able to bond with them even on the most mundane moments - washing the dishes, eating together, and watching the television. We used to be all stressed out but staying at home with our families actually made it easier for us to take breaks. And now, there's one thing less to stress about! 




This reason is the most important of all. We are all fighting our ways to live and survive every day. That enough could be mentally and emotionally draining. For me, just knowing that I can't pick up my groceries and packages without a mask, see my friends.

like usual, and be extra careful to be safe from the pandemic, exhausts me. So imagine how tiring that we're doing this for almost one year now.


Legazy® released its TAG-ARAW Collection to remind you to hold on and move forward. But to be prepared to take on challenges, we must be fully ready and recharged. To have some time away from work increases your connection with your soul. It helps you to align with your next goals in life. 

Whatever you do to rest,
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It may sometimes feel impossible, but we'll all get through this. Legazy® is here to remind you how brave you've been for making it through your everyday battles. And as much as we'd like to tell you every day that this will pass too, you have to believe it yourself. 

You're hardworking and courageous, and you deserve some break. Recharge and reset. Restart this pandemic journey with much lighter baggage ahead. 

Don't forget only to take what you need to continue - including the break that you deserve.