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Find Something Perfect This Holiday Season

Find Something Perfect This Holiday Season

As the holidays are rolling in, everyone is busy with their last-minute shopping for gifts, or finding the perfect gift for the events and parties you have this month. We would scratch our heads and think hard about getting our exchange gift receiver something that fits the theme.

Especially in the Philippines, where the celebration of Christmas and the December holidays are major events for us that we put so much effort into our gifts, whether they are handmade, personalized, or ensuring that we get the gift that we believe to be useful or valuable for friends, loved ones, classmates, or co-workers.

And while it’s the giving season, and more importantly, the “Secret Santa” season, we tend to look for inspiration on what to give that’s within the budget. Legazy is here with a list of recommendations if you’re searching for the right gift for your Secret Santa exchange.


Looking for a compact yet handy gift? While wallets, and objects that can fit the palm of your hand may fit the description of “Something small”, what if you can gift someone a portable bag that can carry essentials while you’re on the go? 

From its snug yet adjustable Baybayin strap, to the multiple pockets to organize your belongings, the Sukbit 1.0 Baybayin Belt bag, has been a crowd favorite among Filipinos who want the all-around bag that holds their small items safely and with ease. 

However, if you’re searching for a Baybayin bag that can fit anyone’s wardrobe then the Supot 1.0 or Supot 2.0 is the best option for you. Unlike the Sukbit 1.0, the Baybayin Sling Bag is all about elevating one’s style. From its minimalistic look to its chic shape, the Baybayin Sling Bag makes for a great gift this holiday season.


Sometimes candy or sweets don’t have to be edible gifts. It can be in the form of tangible items that are sweet in name or are particularly eye-candy in appearance. One such example of attention-grabbing gift ideas is the Baybayin bags that Legazy Street has in cute Karamelo colors.

The light colors and impactful Baybayin details on the straps and leather details make these candy-inspired bags a great head-turner. These bags are even better as gifts for loved ones and friends because of how the color can be paired with nearly any outfit. Karamelo bags are also well-liked for their appealing cream and brown combination, and the diverse Baybayin Bags to choose from Legazy Street. 

One of the best parts about ordering a Karamelo bag as a gift this giving season, Legazy Street has exclusive discounts and promos so you can purchase these bags at a more affordable price this December.


Are you on the hunt for a gift that has that small touch of mystery? While there are plenty of mystery boxes or items that can fit into this theme for the Secret Santa Exchange, having a much more specific gift in mind is the best option. From the sleek and elegant design, to how the color fits like a glove to any personality.

There’s nothing more mysterious and alluring than black apparel or bags. Black bags are known not just for their practicality, where stains or dirt can be unnoticeable but also for the fact that Black bags can accentuate outfits and even small charms attached to the bag. The main reason why these bags fit into the mysterious theme is also how Black doesn’t reveal much about the person’s true personality, or identity while emphasizing the person’s characteristics at the same time. 

Many who own black bags often rely on how it removes the pressure of finding the right clothes to match the bag and vice versa. So it’s no surprise as well that black bags are also top choices as gifts because of how flexible they are to wear for any occasion.


If it’s about taking the heat, then this accessory from Legazy is the right gift for the theme. In a humid tropical country, staying cool during the summer and intense hot days can be difficult, especially when commuting. And if the theme of your Secret Santa event is all about finding “Hot” objects, why not look for a gift that can beat the heat?

With a versatile hat that can protect your head under the sun, the Salakot 4.0, Reversible Baybayin Waway Hat is the right match for any outdoor adventure. It’s lightweight and comfy material making it ideal for shielding your head from the heat.

For added versatility, the Salakot 4.0 is also reversible in design, so you can pair it with multiple outfits and proudly show a touch of Filipino culture with its Baybayin writing elements on the hat. 


While these are great suggestions for gifts this holiday season, Legazy Street also ensures that each Baybayin product is packed inside gift-ready boxes, including even freebies like a Baybayin translation card to give you a better understanding and to learn more about our Filipino culture. 

Plus, to make your holiday shopping extra special, our Baybayin products are currently up for grabs, with most of our best-selling items available at up to 70% discounts this December. You can even order a gift for your Christmas party or treat yourself with incredible deals like our Buy 1 Get 1 promo as well. 

So if you’re still on the hunt for something unique, head on over to our website, to to search for your Secret Santa-themed gifts.


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