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Breaking Down Barriers With Gender-Neutral Bags of Legazy®

Breaking Down Barriers With Gender-Neutral Bags of Legazy®

In an era defined by diversity and inclusivity, the present generation, “Gen Zs” stands out as a generation that values individuality above all else. They have led the charge in breaking down traditional norms and stereotypes, especially when it comes to fashion. One prominent trend that exemplifies this shift is the growing popularity of gender-neutral fashion. From clothing to accessories, but most especially bags -Gen Z's affinity for these bags reflects their broader commitment to equality and self-expression. In this blog, we will explore the reasons why Gen Z is embracing gender-neutral bags. And why more brands, like Legazy Street, are making fashion more gender-neutral in their product line.



Defying Stereotypes

Unlike before when there were rigid to almost sensitive conversations when it came to gender and sexuality, Gen Z rose as one of the most open and vocal generations when it comes to being open and diverse on topics like gender sensitivity while also challenging conventional norms.  Gender-neutral bags are emblematic of this rebellion against outdated norms, as they dismiss the notion that certain styles and colors are intrinsically masculine or feminine. Gen Z champions the cause of breaking free from these constraints, celebrating the rich tapestry of identities that exist.



Inclusivity and Diversity

When it comes to gender neutrality, Gen Z highly values inclusivity and diversity. It is a generation that believes fashion can be worn regardless of gender. As such, gender-neutral bags are designed to not just be fashionable, but also functional and can be used for everyone, regardless of their gender. With more people changing and accepting more inclusivity in clothing, Gen Z’s sending a powerful message that fashion is not restricted to a certain group of people, but rather a form to openly express individuality.



Importance of Versatile Fashion

These days, more Filipinos invest in items that can be used on more than one occasion. As such, bags that one can take to an outdoor event can be used for work or school days. Even having just one bag for anything has become more of a norm in society. As such, gender-neutral bags are more known for their functionality and practicality which aligns well with a Gen Z’s dynamic lifestyle. Because of this, more Filipinos are even looking for bags that can match more than one style while being able to carry all their personal belongings securely. The ability to switch from a casual to a formal look with the same bag appeals to Gen Z's practical sensibilities.



A Means of Self-Expression

Fashion as a whole is another means of self-expression for any individual, especially for Gen Z.  Gender-neutral bags are an extension of this creative outlet, allowing individuals to convey their unique personalities and styles. This can be achieved through uniquely shaped bags, vibrant color variations, or practical designs that can be used daily. Through it, one can freely express themselves authentically, while rejecting conformity to established norms.


In conclusion, in today’s generation and fashion trends, we see more and more individuals leaning toward fashion that’s neither classified as female nor male but a neutral ground. This leads to more people preferring to purchase gender-neutral bags that represent a generation that refuses to be confined by traditional gender norms, opting for fashion that is versatile, functional, and reflective of their authentic selves. For years, Legazy has supported the Filipino Gen Z when it comes to holding onto their beliefs while providing gender-neutral Baybayin bags to match their everyday style.



Likewise, the recent launch of Legazy’s Bayong 3.0 and Supot 2.0 is another staple of gender-neutral fashion while embracing the beauty of our Filipino culture. The Bayong 3.0 is a larger and distinct shape compared to the Bayong 1.0 and 2.0, making it suitable for carrying more items and versatile means to carry.



Meanwhile, a new version of the popular “Pang-Regalo” bag, the Supot 1.0 just released the Supot 2.0, a nifty bag with a secured button lock to keep your essentials secured inside. There’s even a back pocket for extra storage space, and several colorways to choose from to fit your personality.

Check the full Baybayin Bags collection of Legazy Street by visiting the official website and online stores.


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