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Top Five Travel Hacks for Every Biyahero

Top Five Travel Hacks for Every Biyahero

Whether it’d be hiking up mountain trails, snorkeling in crystal clear waters, or even visiting our home province, the urge to get up and hit the road is more evident in 2023, more than ever as we venture out of our homes with our backpacks filled with our necessities for the long trips.

Traveling, in general, isn’t a new concept. It is even more common for Filipino families and friends to travel during the peak of the summer season or the festive “Ber months.” Yet, planning out the whole travel itinerary can be an ordeal before enjoying the well-deserved rest. 

If you ever wonder why some considered investing in traveling despite the trip's expenses, studies have shown that having a change of environment or taking the time to rest, away from home increases not just one’s productivity but even strengthens bonds between peers and family members.

These shared trips help form incredible memories and experiences, thus frequent or even first-time travelers tend to plan out the best way to enjoy a new destination without making a huge dent in their bank accounts. 

The biggest misconception about traveling is that it is costly. From the mode of transportation, accommodations, and food, there are tons of things to consider before you hit the road and reach your destination. Thus, Legazy® is here to give you some top tips on how to maximize your trip planning while staying within your budget. And to add to your must-haves for travel, Legazy® even has the perfect Baybayin bags that can fit any escapades you got planned this year. Each Baybayin bag is tailored to carry your belongings easier while keeping them secure no matter how near or far your destination is. 

From our compact but commuter-friendly Sukbit 1.0 to the trusted travel companion in the Pasan 2.0, Legazy® has the right bag to ensure you can bring everything you need to enjoy your long-planned travel.

On a budget, or trying to get the best deals on the places you wish to visit for your vacation? We’re here to give the top five tips that every Filipino Biyahero needs when planning a long trip.

Take Advantage of Budget Airlines or Transportation Discounts

We Filipinos often come across the annual “Piso-Fare” or “Seat Sale” from airlines now and then. The great advantage of these “Seat Sales” isn’t how you can book a flight to other regions of the country or even outside of the Philippines. It is the versatility of getting a ticket after the seat sale.

Most seat sales for airlines like Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, or even Philippine Airlines are bookings that are valid for months after booking them during the exclusive promo. Travelers can even get affordable deals to exciting destinations during the non-peak seasons. 

However, the best travel tip to maximize these seat sales is to choose a flight during the early hours or non-peak hours when airports are often busy or crowded with incoming and outgoing travelers.


Check for Budget-Friendly accommodations 

Hotels aren’t the only options now when it comes to finding the best accommodation deals. With the rise of transient houses and apps such as Airbnb, Filipino Biyaheros have more options to compare the best deals to where they can stay outside or inside of the city. 

The diversity as well of travel apps like or Airbnb is that you can even grab deals on public attractions, parks, and even car rentals towards the places you’d stay at. Some apps even allow you to score some city tour deals depending on the location you are heading to.

 Travel only with Carry-On

Traveling light on your first trip has plenty of perks, especially when you want to bring home some “pasalubong” for your loved ones. When it comes to airlines in the Philippines, travelers can bring up to 7kg of carry-on baggage.

Aside from the change of clothes and your essentials, you can save more money by excluding the luggage cost from your budget. However, this makes you more meticulous about how you’d organize the items in your bag while being mindful of the things you can buy during the trip.

 Don’t Be Afraid to Use Public Transportation

A famous saying when heading to a new destination is experiencing how to “travel like a local.” While it takes a massive step for many first-time travelers. It is important to learn about the place you will visit while interacting with the locals to feel more at ease.

Using public transportation is also more cost-efficient than renting a car. Don’t be afraid to ask around how to get from point A to point B while exploring, and using public transportation even lets you interact with people while learning about their cultures. And if it still feels daunting for you, there are many online travel-related sites and apps readily available to help navigate your way through new cities and the countryside.

Invest in the Perfect Carry-On Backpack

Similarly to our early tip, traveling light means choosing the right backpack that fits all your necessary clothes, valuables, and other essentials you’d need on the trip. Choosing your travel carry-on backpack means that you go lightweight on your travel, avoiding the wait on your luggage by the luggage claim at the airport and even reducing the stress of wondering whether you overpacked for the trip.

Thus, to lighten your worries about your upcoming trip, Legazy® is here with the reliable Baybayin backpacks from the Pasan 1.0 and the Pasan 2.0 collections. These durable and multipurpose Baybayin backpacks were designed to carry your belongings easier while keeping them organized within the bag’s deep pockets. You can even store your water tumbler on the side pocket of the Pasan 2.0, so you can stay hydrated while heading out under the sun.

For shorter trips that are within the city, Legazy® has the Baybayin tote bags from the Bayong 1.0 and Bayong 2.0 collections, as well as the Sukbit 1.0 and Sukbit 2.0 for light exploring within the metro.

So wherever you’re heading in any season, Legazy® will always hold on to your important belongings as you collect more memories during your fun outings. 

Did you also know that you can choose from a wide selection of colors from our Baybayin bags collections? Visit our official website: to grab your own Baybayin bag, now.


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