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Top 5 Best Legazy® Products As Gifts For The “Ber Months”

Top 5 Best Legazy® Products As Gifts For The “Ber Months”

While Christmas is still some months away, nothing beats the Filipinos when it comes to celebrating the holidays, early. As soon as September rolls in, we are quick to start putting up the Christmas lights, or even play the holiday music in malls or at home, and there are even some that are preparing to buy gifts for the holidays in advance, just to be ready for the full-on festive season.

From September to December, the Philippines is known to call this specific time “Ber Months”, a short-term coined after the last syllable of the last quarter of the month and commonly dubbed as the four-month-long festive celebration of the holidays.  

And we all know the struggle of finding the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones, especially on a tight budget. This exclusive gift-giving season, Legazy is here to give you the top 5 best Baybayin products to gift your friends this “Ber Months”.


Legazy® Bayong 1.0

Seamlessly fitting any style and perfect for any outdoor occasion, the Bayong 1.0 by Legazy® is best known for its impactful Baybayin prints on the strap, to the variety of colors in the collection to fit any mood. The Bayong 1.0 is also spacious enough to fit your personal belongings and even adjustable to accommodate your larger items with its simplistic design.

And fret not about the price, because for the Ber Months season, the Bayong 1.0 is available for only Php 750 on our official website for a limited time! Making it a suitable gift for friends, and even as a Christmas party gift if you are on a budget. The Bayong 1.0 is also lightweight and made with water-resistant material to keep your essentials secured and protected while you are commuting.


Legazy® Salakot 4.0

Looking for the right stylish accessory that you can mix and match with your daily looks? With the Salakot 4.0, a reversible waway hat, you can add a fun flair to your outfit, while keeping your head protected under the harsh sun during the humid season.

This reversible waway hat is a top choice as a gift for those who are constantly outside or enjoy outdoor activities. The Salakot 4.0 can also be yours for only Php 580 during the Bre Months sale, or add it to your ideas of fun gifts to consider for the holiday season. And like most of our Baybayin Apparel, the Salakot 4.0 is crafted with impactful Baybayin details as a strong reminder of our culture and art.


Legazy® Supot 1.0

Got a few friends that are not into the big bulky bags, but enjoy the small sling bags that they pair with almost any outfit? Well, if you’re searching for a low-cost yet stylish bag that’s perfect for all ages, the Supot 1.0, Baybayin sling bag may be the right gift for the holidays. Especially if you are on a limited budget. For the “Ber months” season, the Baybayin sling bag is available at Php 459 only, and in a wide selection of colors.

It’s the perfect gift that students can afford for Christmas parties or celebrations, plus, compact enough to carry your phone, wallet, small umbrella, and other essentials for any occasion. And unlike most of the Baybaying bags under Legazy Street’s diverse line of products, the Supot 1.0 is one of the few bags with no zippers but can secure your personal belongings within its drawstring opening.


Legazy® Akbay

As far as budget-friendly holiday gifts go, when it comes to a small yet versatile item to use on a daily basis, the Baybayin Lanyard of Legazy is the top accessory for you to have. Initially, an accessory to hold your facemask when you are outside, this nifty accessory also doubles as a key holder, ID lanyard, or alcohol holder and can be clipped onto any object you want to keep close at hand.

It is also reversible showing its Baybayin prints on one side, and the Legazy logo on the other. What makes the Baybayin lanyard the perfect gift is that you can hang your ID, keys, and more while staying hands-free on the go and not worrying about your small items getting lost in your bag or pockets. The best part, the Akbay is up for grabs in our official online stores for only Php 195.


Legazy® Sukbit 1.0

Of course, we are saving the best for last, the Sukbit 1.0 Baybayin Belt Bag. One of the popular Baybayin bags of the Legazy. Known for its compact, and slim design, making it the ideal bag for quick trips to the mall, out with friends, or even on long road trips. While there’s only a limit of items you can bring, the Sukbit 1.0 values a minimalistic approach to the items you can bring throughout the day.

Emphasizing keeping all your important belongings close, while adding that pop of style to your outfit. You can even carry the Sukbit 1.0 in three different ways that fit with your style and the amount of items you bring. Being a lightweight yet heavy-duty bag, the Sukbit 1.0 can be used for travel, commuting, and even as an alternative bag to use for safekeeping essentials. It’s even ranging from more than multitudes of colors to match your style and personality.

And if you’re planning to gift someone special a Sukbit 1.0, take advantage of the mega drop-down sale at our official website and online store this holiday season because the Sukbit 1.0 can be yours for only Php 795.


While this is just a small list of suggestions to kickstart your gift-giving plans for the holidays, Legacy is always here to bring exclusive 100% Filipino-made products that are perfect for all Filipinos. So whether you are on a budget, or want to give a versatile gift for your loved ones, check out our large collection of Baybayin products so you can mix and match the perfect gift for the people that matter the most to you for the festive season.

Plus, you can also follow our official social media pages so you can be the first to know the upcoming sales and discounts to grab these products at affordable prices.


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