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Top 4 Recommended Bags for Back-To-School

Top 4 Recommended Bags for Back-To-School

When it comes to versatility, the backpack has stood the test of time when it comes to carrying personal belongings and even equipment for several generations. On a general scoop, most of us have experienced using a backpack, whether it’s for school or for life such as work or travel. 

A high-quality backpack however is built to be durable enough to carry heavy objects while also being comfortable to bring wherever you go without it being a strain on your body. With so many bags to choose from for the upcoming school year, the Legazy® team has taken a closer look at the top bags to choose from for the upcoming school year.

With the essential criteria of functionality, durability, and even considering a budget that’s student-friendly, here are our top picks for you to consider. Do note that these bags are selected and are listed in no particular order. 

More commonly known as a “book bag” this bag is known for its multipurpose usage for work, school, and even in travel. Messenger bags are large rectangular-shaped bags that are stapled for their single shoulder strap yet have spacious storage space that can fit books, notebooks, and more. Plus, messenger bags typically have an adjustable, long shoulder strap that a person can wear across the body or shoulder. 

The only downside to the messenger bag is that, it’s designed with a single flap that secures the inside pocket, and while it can be considered the perfect bag for its easy-access pocket, it is also prone to make it easier to lose personal belongings or cluttered objects within the bag with its limited pocket organizers. 

A type of backpack that’s rising in popularity because of how you can use it in any environment. A utilitarian is a backpack specially designed for practicality and maximizing efficiency when it comes to carrying every essential you need on any occasion.

This spacious backpack is commonly used by backpackers, mountain hikers, or travelers because of its many compartments, water-resistant fabric, and durability in any weather. When it comes to a tropical country like the Philippines that braves through dozens of storms throughout the year, a utilitarian backpack is also making waves with students, especially for college and university students due to how it acts as an extra protection for their school books, laptops, tables, and other gadgets needed for their class and extracurricular activities.

Not only that, utilitarian backpacks come in varying sizes and colors, allowing more young adults to use this bag for school and even trips. In fact, it’s designed for people with very active lifestyles or who are constantly outdoors. Utilitarian backpacks are made with more durability than regular backpacks, making them one of the top choices for students and commuters. 

If you ever watched Anime or seen any Japanese movies or shows, you’ve probably seen young kids walking to and from school with these iconic, box-shaped leather backpacks called the “Randoseru.”

Being closely knit into Japanese culture since the Edo period, Randoseru backpacks were inspired by the cloth bags carried by Dutch soldiers during the Edo period. The leather backpack gained popularity and spread to most if not all elementary schools across Japan after the year 1955. Since then, the Randoseru has been best known as the go-to backpack for small children, but also being sported to be used by adults and even making headways as a school bag in other Asian countries. 

The typical color of a school kid’s Randoseru that we see on TV and in Animes is black and sometimes comes with the nametag of the kids or the name of the elementary school that they go to. However, did you know that there are actually 24 different colors for this mainstream Japanese backpack, and as of 2023, some major Japanese bag brands that produce the Randoseru bags even include limited-edition bags inspired by popular animes or a combination of vibrant colors that are beloved by adults and kids alike? 

 Legazy® Baybayin Backpack

Of course, while these back-to-school bags are recommended for their sturdy and resilient design to make it easier for students to bring their books to school, what if you can have the perfect back-to-school backpack, while also showcasing the Filipino culture even on campus?

From comfortable padded straps, multiple pocket dividers including a side pocket and lock for your water tumbler. This backpack is even designed with impactful Baybayin writing details allowing you to take pride in our local culture, anywhere. Legazy® introduces its Baybayin backpack, Pasan 2.0 as the top-quality 100% locally made bag for the Filipinos, by the Filipinos.

Unlike most backpacks, these Baybayin backpacks are unmatched when it comes to their ingenious design, allowing you to organize your personal belongings while keeping them secured even when you’re constantly on the go. There’s even a back and side pocket to make it easier for you to discreetly take your laptop out of your bag with the Pasan 2.0. Another bonus feature to the Pasan 2.0 is its water tumbler side pocket that you can even secure in place with the metal hook. Making it easier to carry each school essential without worrying of losing your valuables while on commute. 

Legazy® also releases new colorways for their Baybayin bags, with the latest edition of the “Gabi collection” featuring the Pasan 1.0 in a stunning combination of the brand’s two best-selling colors.

Plus, you can adjust the leather straps of these Baybayin backpacks to maximize the load you can bring whether for commute or travel.

And unlike most of the bags on this list, Legazy® Baybayin backpacks cater to the younger generation, making these backpacks affordable and student-friendly with their prices and special promos every month. 

So whether you are searching for the perfect school bag for your necessities, or want the right backpack to fit your needs while being on a budget, Legazy® is here to help because we got tons of other Baybayin bags that might be right for you. Be back-to-school ready and pick out from our other selection of Baybayin bags by checking out our website 


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