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The Impact of Art In The Philippines with Legazy®

The Impact of Art In The Philippines with Legazy®

February or the month of love is one of the known celebrations that we acknowledge yearly, however in the Philippines, this is also the month to appreciate and see the value and diversity of art in our society.

National Arts Month, or as we locally call the “Ani ng Sining” began with the idea of former President Cory Aquino under Presidential Proclamation No. 683 back in 1991. Under this, the law states that every February is a time to celebrate artistic excellence and a special tribute to the diversity of Filipino heritage and culture. Since its initial start, National Arts Month has been yearly organized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Yet, even with this profound respect for art itself in the Philippines, how much has art impacted this generation of Filipinos? For years, while there is still the stigma that one can’t make a living or have a stable career with art, many of us are still avid consumers of it at the same time. We listen to new music, appreciate great performances, and even buy artworks or crafts that suit our taste. In fact, our local artists, performers, and singers are not only talented but their passion for their craft would receive recognition even outside of our country.

This year, for National Arts Month, the theme “Ani ng Sining, Bunga ng Galing'' reflects on how we can immerse ourselves in diverse cultures and gain knowledge to hone our own craft to further boost our own cultural art. As different local organizations and universities celebrate National Arts Month, Legazy® will also continue to support the craft and culture created by local artisans through its premium Baybayin streetwear and giving back to the Filipino community.

And if you’re looking for some ways to enjoy this month-long festivities for the arts, here are some ideas for you to explore during National Arts Month.

From the first National Arts Month celebration, till now, young and professional artists gather and showcase their talents and craft through various exhibitions and events. An example of these events for artists is the upcoming Art Show PH’s very first Outdoor Art Fair that will be held on February 25 - 26 at the Noli Me Tangere Garden in Rizal Park.

The best thing about attending local art fair events is that one can purchase crafts made by indie artists while participating in fun activities and even live seminars about art at the same time.

However, if you also want to learn and dive deeper into the art community of the Philippines, you can also try visiting the various Art/museums during this month as well. With more than a dozen museums scattered across Metro Manila, and plenty of these are perfect for family trips, many Filipinos can enjoy interactive art and feast their eyes on the intricate crafts displayed within these public places.

Some art museums even include exhibitions of some of the most priceless artifacts and ancient crafts of our Filipino ancestors in well-preserved cases. One may even glance through the large-scale display of paintings and sculptures created by talented artists within such museums.

Lastly, students and even adults alike could also anticipate art events organized by state universities this February. As one of the institutions that welcome the artistic talents of the youth and professional artists. The University of the Philippines also has its own Arts and Culture Festival that's open to the public this 2023.

The university itself kick-starts its own festivities for National Arts Month with the theme, “KALOOB: Mula at Tungo sa Bayan.”. As the state university’s way to pay tribute to the achievements of the artists-scholars-creators of the nation who poured their talents and intellect into the creation of works that shed light on the Filipino condition.

The overall concept for their theme stems from the concept of “KALOOB” which emphasizes the true meaning of “offering” or “gifting”, thus, the festival becomes an equal opportunity for artists to express their creativity toward their personal perspectives on the condition of our Filipino society.

Whichever plans you have this month of February, Legazy® is ready to make sure that you can make the most of your art-filled experiences with our own Baybayin bags that you can carry wherever you go. Bring your essentials and even secure the locally made small art pieces within the top-quality Baybayin backpacks like the Pasan 1.0 or Pasan 2.0. Or even have the option to commute with only the minimum important items with the Sukbit 1.0 or Sukbit 2.0. And did you know that we have exclusive February promos that are perfect for you to grab these bags for you and your loved ones this month of love?

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