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Stay Cool Every Day With These Summer Essentials In LEGAZY®'S Sukbit 2.0

Stay Cool Every Day With These Summer Essentials In LEGAZY®'S Sukbit 2.0

On days when the weather turns hot and humid, we tend to prioritize ways on how we can cool down at home or even when we go out.

Summer in the Philippines means a lot more outdoor time by the pool, at the beach, or even in the glorious wonders of the air-conditioned malls. 

However, we also have to consider other factors before we leave the comforts of home, such as necessities we need to bring, especially when beating the Summer heat.

While it's fun to choose the right tote bag, sling bag, or even shoulder bag to pack your belongings for the trip, finding the right bag can be a challenge.

Whether you’re going out with friends or commuting to work, LEGAZY®’s multi-purpose Sukbit 2.0 Baybayin Cross Body Bag can carry your Summer essentials to fit your needs.

This unique, locally-made Cross Body Bag can be adjusted and carried in six different ways, with four deep pockets to organize your essentials.

However, if you’re unsure what essentials to keep in your bag this season, we’ve narrowed down your Summer necessity with this list of must-have items to stay cool during Summer!

  1. Sunblock / Lotion - As we spend more days outdoors, our skin is more prone to dry skin and sunburns. Keeping a lotion or sunblock ready in your bag is helpful, especially when planning to stay under the sun longer through the day.

  2. Extra shirt - Sweating is natural during hot days. It’s always better to have a spare shirt in your bag to feel comfortable after a long day doing outdoor activities or exploring a fun new location.

  3. Sunglasses - Of course, style and functionality need to go hand-in-hand for the Summer. The best touch of style for any outdoor fun is a nice pair of sunglasses that can fit any occasion.

  4. Umbrella - Rain or shine, having an umbrella in your bag definitely helps to block out the extreme heat of the sun or the droplets of rain while you’re on the go. Foldable umbrellas are an even great addition to any bag that doesn't take up too much space.

  5. Water Bottle or Tumbler - Beating the heat also means staying hydrated to avoid heat strokes while outside. With temperatures reaching as high as 40 degrees Celsius during Summer, you must have access to water even in your bag when you’re out under the sun for long periods.

  6. Flip-flops or sandals - An optional item to have in your bag. You can’t go wrong with having a pair of comfy flip-flops or sandals if your summer destination is at the beach or an outdoor swimming pool.

  7. Cap or sun hat - Lastly, to add to this list, in cases where you can’t carry an umbrella, a stylish cap or sun hat is just what you need to match your outdoor style and keep your head cool during the summer days.

While many of these items are great choices to beat the heat. LEGAZY®’s Sukbit 2.0 Baybayin Cross Body Bag is the travel companion you need to carry these essentials and more while matching your outfit for the day.

Aside from the first batch of available colors, you can also choose from our five new Sukbit 2.0 color selections that we’ve added to our collection.

Mix and match your favorite Sukbit 2.0 Baybayin Cross Body Bag with your styles and continue to seize incredible summer adventures this 2022.

Marami pang masasayang araw mararating, kaya tuloy mo pa rin ang pag kapit!


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