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Pack Up For Everyday Travel With LEGAZY®’s Pasan 2.0

Pack Up For Everyday Travel With LEGAZY®’s Pasan 2.0

For most of us, we made our home into a study or workspace. We’ve grown used to the idea that going out was only for necessities like buying groceries, going to the bank, or heading to government offices to submit paperwork. However, as the Philippines begin to transition toward lifting restrictions on capacity limits inside office buildings and allowing more public spaces to be accessible to Filipinos. Schools are preparing classrooms for incoming students for the first time since 2020.

These small steps will eventually lead to a reality that professionals and students can now go out in this “New Normal.” Yet we are again faced with new struggles and problems that test the everyday Filipinos on their way to work or school.

Before Filipinos adapted to a ‘work from home’ set-up or ‘online learning,’ the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila, faced an ongoing issue regarding commuting. From heavily congested roads, traffic hours during rush hours, or even the unequal number of public utility vehicles versus the commuters that needed to reach their destinations. Daily, Filipino commuters in Metro Manila allocate more time to commute to work and have less time to rest before office hours.

The number of commuters returning to work in the office or students that will once again enter classrooms increases each day. We’re returning to carrying all the essentials we need for our daily tasks. 

Now that going out of our homes is becoming a norm, it’s time to bring out our work bags while organizing our necessities for the daily commute. 

With millions of Filipinos riding public transportation daily, being vigilant of your belongings is a must, especially in crowded areas. However, being a Filipino commuter isn’t always easy, especially for those living in busy cities. Pickpocketing of wallets, phones, or gadgets can happen in seconds, anytime and anywhere in public areas.

As theft of phones, wallets, or keys frequently happen on the streets or in public vehicles, anti-theft bags or heavy-duty bags are necessities for commuters. Thus, choosing the right bag is crucial when we constantly go out of our houses and meet new people daily. In fact, for most travelers or even daily commuters, having that extra security and protection for their belongings matters the most.

In fact, many Filipino commuters tend to go for bags that fit their essential items and are also suited for practical use while on the road. And while many anti-theft bags on the market may appear like small, seamless bags with hidden zippers, you don’t need to look far to get the perfect bag for commuting.

Get the most out of this latest bag from LEGAZY Street to keep all your essentials organized and secured. It’s also a bag you can carry in more ways than one, depending on the bulk of your items and your chosen style. 

Inspired by Filipinos for the Filipinos, LEGAZY® releases its brand new Baybayin Backpack, called the Pasan 2.0. 

The Pasan 2.0 is LEGAZY®’s 2nd Baybayin Backpack collection, released a year after the best-selling Pasan 1.0 collection. Made with high-quality vegan leather and cotton canvas, this locally made backpack has a few unique features that are perfect for daily commuting Filipinos. 

And to better know LEGAZY®’s latest Baybayin Backpack collection. We're here to explain the different details and features of the Pasan 2.0 and why it is the perfect bag to carry all your essentials anywhere.

Never miss a beat of new adventures this year while bringing all your essentials in LEGAZY®’s Pasan 2.0 backpack. This locally made bag that’s a mix of style and functionality is the answer to the everyday problems of commuters in the Philippines.

Starting off with the design of the bag, the Pasan 2.0 is crafted with the deep imprints of our Philippine culture with the Baybayin prints along the adjustable leather straps. These straps could also be tightened or loosened to adjust to a load of items you will bring. 

Part of the Pasan 2.0’s design is for keeping all valuable items organized and secure even when you are on the go. This backpack is built with unique seven-pocket dividers and even a laptop sleeve inside the main compartment. You can even access the main pocket through the garterized opening of the bag or through the easy-access zippers on the side or back. 

And to lessen the hassle of unlatching the locks to open the main compartment of the Pasan 2.0, you can place smaller essentials in the outer pockets. Examples of these pockets can be found on the hood designed on top of the bag. The Pasan 2.0 also comes with a water tumbler or umbrella side pocket, so you wouldn’t need to open the bag in public areas. 

While other commuters use a different bag during the rainy season to keep their gadgets dry, the Pasan 2.0 is made with premium water-resistant material to keep your gadgets and other belongings safe in any weather. 

These features might seem top-class for a commuter’s bag. However, these aren’t the only thing that makes the Pasan 2.0 one of a kind. It’s also the ideal backpack to protect your belongings wherever you go. The Pasan 2.0 has your back, especially in crowded or public areas, with most of its zippers and pocket compartments hidden from view. The Pasan 2.0 discreet zippers and hidden compartments inside and outside the backpack make it less likely for others to quickly snatch your items from the bag.

And, if you want to switch up your bag to match your style, the Pasan 2.0 can be carried in five different ways, so you can change the backpack to best carry all your essentials.

So, whether you are looking for several bags to fit the next trip or need an everyday backpack to keep your belongings safe and secure on the go. The Pasan 2.0 can be the perfect partner for your next outdoor adventures.


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