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How Legazy® Honors Every Hardworking Workers This Labor Day 1/2

How Legazy® Honors Every Hardworking Workers This Labor Day 1/2


A year ago, when the pandemic started, we were surprised to hear corporations enforcing work adjustments. Some companies were forced to send their employees home to work there indefinitely - prioritizing safety above all in this crisis.

And while some were still lucky to keep their jobs, some had no choice but to go home and break this devastating news of unemployment to their families. 

This Labor Day, we release the Propesyon Baybayin Koleksyon - a shirt collection that honors each profession's hard work and perseverance despite this situation. Besides the celebration, LEGAZY® launches this line to benefit Filipino workers who have lost and suffered from the pandemic. 

This limited-edition release currently consists of 9 laborious jobs that have been affected by the pandemic - Inhinyero, Arkitekto, Mangangalakal, Manlilikha, Manananggol, Manggagamot, Guro, Nanay, at Tatay. 



Who are these nine professionals?

These are the individuals who take pride in their respective jobs, but the changes brought by the pandemic have made them suffer. 

Engineers and Architects:

Building infrastructures and improving facilities amidst our situation is not the public's primary concern. Still, our Engineers and Architects continued to invest their knowledge and skills in providing us a safer place to live. 


We all know that it isn't easy to stay inspired in this world of uncertainties. However, our local Artists remained dedicated to pursuing their passion and sharing them with us. Somehow, this helps us get by what we're currently experiencing.


Lawyers have always been essential workers in our society. Despite living in a world where everything seems unfair, they still promise to bring us justice. 


Our respected Doctors sacrifice their lives to save lives. Every day at work is a risk they take to help win this battle we're all fighting. 


We've seen that entrepreneurs are also vastly affected by the pandemic. Due to the restrictions, many have bid their goodbyes since last year, and many are still trying to recover. In times like these, we're grateful that they still thrive and provide us with the necessities. 


Aside from work changes, the academe also tries to give their best shot in prioritizing students' safety while aiming to achieve greatness. Our Teachers shifted from face-to-face mentoring to virtual classes. This is a big step they take to continue helping their students learn.


And lastly, we must not forget that parenting is a job. It might not fall into the category of a paying job. It is, however, work and the most tedious of all. Because of the implementations of community quarantines, our Mothers and Fathers must be at home with their families, balancing work and personal lives. Making sure everyone is healthy, safe, and meeting their needs, our parents are nonstop workers. 


This list of jobs affected by the crisis is still far from being complete, but this celebration isn't only for the professions mentioned above. After all, this is only the first batch to be launched.

Everyone is affected, and not everyone was given a choice to continue doing their jobs. It is tragic that while everyone is making every effort to stay safe and healthy, others have to worry more about feeding their families and paying their bills. 

To support workers who are majorly affected by the pandemic and, most importantly, those who lost their jobs, we launch this Propesyon Baybayin Collection. For every purchase of a Propesyon Baybayin Shirt, we will allocate a portion to fund our mobile community pantry that will travel to remote areas in dire need of help. 

Here at LEGAZY®, we celebrate Labor Day by recognizing and applauding every hardworking and passionate worker while being compassionate to those striving to work and stay afloat despite these unfortunate circumstances. 

Again, we can't thank everyone enough for your service and concern for other people. Your hard work in this current situation inspires and encourages us to continue living our legacy. 

Mabuhay ang mga Manggagawang Pilipino!


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