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Legazy Baybayin Shirt

How a Filipino Brand Threads the Vision for Every Generation To communicate and reconnect: Ano ba ang Baybayin?

Legazy Baybayin Shirt

Our ancestors have abundantly blessed us with so many treasures when it comes to culture and artistry. They communicated to the next generations through a pre—Spanish Philippine writing system called Baybayin, a Filipino word which means “to write or spell”.

And as the era evolved, every Filipino must foster the importance and beauty of Baybayin passed down to us.

That’s why Legazy® used its voice as a platform to honor our pre-colonial writing system and to reconnect with our roots through a Filipino made Baybayin Streetwear.


  1. THE PURPOSE: The Filipino’s DNA

To learn about your past is to remind you of your deepest identity as a Filipino.  Legazy® believes that this modern street is a great avenue for us to showcase a local brand’s Baybayin Streetwear. To remind the present and future generation the importance of living what our ancestors fought for long ago.


Our team hunted and searched first for the handpicked heroes that will help our Legazy® thread the line of products.


We set forth to meet the local hands in one of the provinces known for excellent craftsmanship in producing garments in Luzon – Bulacan.

100% Filipino made


 The Line of Tees

This bite-sized guide could give you a glimpse of how the local tailors from Bulacan crafted the 100% Filipino-made line of Baybayin Shirt:

  • Shearing – turns a plain canvas into precise measurements followed by an accurate cut
  • Attachment –unites the sleeves and neckband
  • Legazy® Mark- carves the seal of Legazy® from the neck tape, the brand label, up to the imprinted Baybayin marks
  • Trim – polishes and subtracts the unwanted and excess pieces of threads from the over-all attachment
  • Selection – organizes the sizes, hues, and designs of each Tee
  • Finishing Touches– refines the imperfections and completion of the final product

Wondering what each Baybayin statement looks like?: Own your identity through the Line of Baybayin Shirts here:

Legazy Baybayin shirt

The Line of Caps

 Here’s how a cap-forging enthusiast with 38 years in the caps industry named Mang Gary threaded the line of Legazy® Baybayin caps:

  • Cut – applies the pattern of Legazy® through smooth and sharp cutting of each piece
  • Assemble – sews the major parts together to merge the panels, fabric, and rubber foam
  • Attachment – fastens the straps, special strap clip, top button, and the visor
  • Seal– secures the crown of our Legazy® to culminate the crafting of another masterpiece

Heads up to own what Legazy® Line of Baybayin Caps stored for you:

Legazy Baybayin cap

  1. THE LEGAZY® : Bridging the generation gaps, from the ground up

Threading the line to reach every generation, Legazy®, a Baybayin Streetwear with great passion for Filipino culture and artistry, deeply honors the legacy that our ancestors passed down to our generations.


With our Filipino tailors, a local brand like Legazy® will keep on threading the line to reach every generation through Baybayin Streetwear; like how our ancestors fated us to do.

Honoring thy roots, one generation at a time.


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