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Honoring The Empowered Filipinas That Made An Impact For The Philippines

Honoring The Empowered Filipinas That Made An Impact For The Philippines

Honoring The Empowered Filipinas That Made An Impact For The Philippines - LEGAZY STREET

Changing the world starts when people are brave enough to believe that their efforts can make a difference and inspire others to do the same. For centuries, the Philippines has undergone significant changes that have impacted history and society. These milestones were spearheaded by incredible people and their unique stories.

For International Women’s Month, Legazy® listed five outstanding women who became an inspiration for many Filipinos in the Philippines. Each incredible lady on this list reminds us that no matter our gender, we can strive not just for greatness but go beyond the norms of society.

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While we’ve paid homage to many incredible figures that left a mark on our culture, let’s place the spotlight on the fierce and confident Filipino women who had their light shine in the Philippines and even across the world.

Hidilyn Diaz

Hidilyn Diaz - Blog Image - LEGAZY STREET
Photo credit to NBC Chicago

When it comes to lifting the Filipino spirit in international competitions, no one has done it better than our Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz. In a male-dominated sport like weightlifting, Hidilyn Diaz beat the odds by being the Philippines’ first Female weightlifting Olympic athlete and bringing home the gold medal for the country.

Starting her road to success for the Olympics was never easy for Hidilyn. At 11, she began her journey when her cousin, Allen Diaz, first introduced her to weightlifting.

Hidilyn is proof that one can move mountains and accomplish anything one puts their mind towards with hard work and determination.

Margielyn Didal

Margielyn Didal - Blog Image - LEGAZY STREET Photo credit to Rappler

As the country’s professional skateboarder to participate in the Olympics. Margielyn Didal not only took part in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but also won the world's attention with her bright smile and cheerful personality during the entire event.

Her positive sportsmanship made headlines even for other countries even when she landed 7th place on the preliminary round of the Women’s Street Skateboarding Finals.

Proving that win or lose, in sports and in life, enjoying the competition and learning from the experience can help you grow to be a better person in your career.

Gabriela Silang

Gabriela Silang - Blog Image - LEGAZY STREET Photo credit to Liberation News

Heroism isn’t defined or limited to only men. In fact, even during the Spanish occupation, women like Gabriela Silang fought side by side with other Filipinos for the freedom of their community and the nation.

Known as Diego Silang’s wife, Gabriela is a resilient leader who led the Ilocano rebels against the Spaniards during the 1700s. Gabriela Silang is also more well-known in Philippine history books for being the first female general to lead Filipino rebels during her time before being captured and executed.

Her fierceness and love for her people inspired the current location organization, “GABRIELA - National Alliance of Women” in the Philippines. This local organization has fought and defended the rights of women and children across different sectors and industries throughout the country.

Catriona Gray

Catriona Gray - Blog Image - LEGAZY STREET Photo credit to Vogue

When it comes to beauty with a golden heart, the universe saw that when Filipino-Australian, Catriona Gray represented the Philippines during Miss Universe 2018.

Her confidence and wit on-stage during the Miss Universe had become even more sensational with her signature runway lava walk and stunning beauty.

With Catriona being the 4th woman from the Philippines to bring home the crown, she showed the world that beauty comes from beyond physical appearances and from how they show others through their actions and words.

Miriam Defensor Santiago

Miriam Defensor Santiago - Blog Image - LEGAZY STREET Photo credit to Random Republika

Next on this list of notable Filipino women is a political figure known as the “Iron Lady of Asia” with her frank words and dedicated senator to our country for many years. Miriam Defensor Santiago left a legacy of being the first elected Filipino judge to join the International Criminal Court.

She has even made her reputation during senatorial meetings and won the hearts of many Filipinos with her sharp remarks, commentary, and one-line jokes during court hearings.

The late senator revealed that her first career option was to be a writer but later changed her mind to be a lawyer due to her father’s insistence. This, however, didn’t deter her dreams as Miriam has published her own book, “Stupid is Forever,” back in 2014. The book contains most of her humor-filled writing on one-line jokes, comebacks, and even her classic pick-up lines she had delivered during her career.

As we pay tribute to these passionate Filipino women, let’s also cheer for the millions of women who contribute to making the Philippines better each day across different industries.

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Legazy® even has the perfect Baybayin Cap for the ‘nanay' of every family. Remember that the heart of the household is also worth being respected and honored this Women’s Month.

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So for all the incredible Filipino women that shine across the nation, happy International Women’s Month!


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