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Discover how technology may help preserve Baybayin writing and Filipino culture

Discover how technology may help preserve Baybayin writing and Filipino culture

Deeply interwoven into the tapestry of the Philippines’ cultural heritage, the Baybayin writing system may have to be the most significant and well-studied by professionals and even the youth alike to preserve this written language of our ancestors. The Baybayin writing system itself dates back to pre-colonial times and over recent years, it has been making a comeback in the efforts of historians, artists, and even linguistics to revive and even educate more Filipinos about the ancient scripts. 

In fact, with the increasing advancement of technology, this blog post will go into the benefits of how technology will help us uphold and treasure the Baybayin writing by embracing this modern advancement, more Filipinos can bridge the gap between the past and the present, boost cultural appreciation, and open up new avenues for understanding our culture and history.


Technology can help in the preservation of cultural heritage

Serving as an opportunity to raise more awareness and a deeper understanding of the Filipino culture, technology, such as an app that helps accurately transliterate Baybayin scripts to the Latin alphabet can ensure the preservation and be more widely accessible for people to explore, study, and appreciate the Baybayin scripts and it’s historical significances.

While we are still hoping to develop an accurate transliterate app that could automatically translate Baybayin text, many Filipinos show great interest in learning how to write proper Filipino words in Baybayin.

Recently there has been news in the Philippines that a Filipino mathematician has developed a smart system that can transliterate Baybayin scripts into Latin text. This allows the pre-colonial 17-character writing system a step forward to be more accessible to the public and easier to read especially for locals and foreigners. 

This is important because there are only a handful of limited means to transliterate words from one script to another, or even from one language to another in accuracy that takes into account the correct meaning and context of the language.


Bridging generations

With a rich culture and even impactful history, Baybayin is also an integral part of the cultural identity of the Filipinos. However, while we are familiar with the fact that it is an ancient type of script within the Philippines, we lack the proper knowledge and familiarity to decipher this ancient script. While there are recent modern uses for Baybayin, such as usage in art and media, many are still unable to fully grasp how to read Baybayin scripts. Thus, having a useful digital tool that enables one to learn and read Baybayin scripts that are also user-friendly and with interactive features can help keep the ancient text alive and passed across multiple generations. 


Be able to connect to a larger and global community

During this age, the digital landscape has shaped how we connect and interact with the world while transcending language barriers. If Baybayin were more integrated into accurate transliteration apps, Filipinos would be able to share cultural heritage on a much global scale. While also encouraging individuals from other cultures to learn about Baybayin, while fostering deeper understanding and appreciation of our local heritage. This will also heighten the ancient history of the Philippines to a global audience and even with Filipinos worldwide.



Other ways to preserve and learn about Baybayin

While modern technology continues to evolve at a quicker rate, and shortly, we might be able to fully transliterate Baybayin scripts with the use of our smartphones, we must not limit ourselves and even take the initiative in learning our culture and making it a part of our inspiration in life, art, or even teaching to the younger generation. Additionally, one of the notable examples of local brands and companies that have integrated Baybayin writing into their products is through comfortable and affordable fashion and streetwear products that are a combination of contemporary design and traditional cultural roots. 

From shirts, bags, and even pants and accessories, Legazy Street’s products showcase the timeless beauty of Baybayin scripts as accessible and useable products made for daily use and wear. By incorporating these unique and stylish pieces into our daily lives, we can proudly display our cultural heritage and contribute to the ongoing revitalization of Baybayin. Legazy Street's commitment to preserving and promoting Baybayin serves as an inspiration for Filipinos to embrace our culture across all generations.

Not only that, Legazy even includes exclusive Baybayin translation cards with their packaging, so any order of the brand’s Baybayin products, gives you a direct way to learn how to write and understand the Baybayin writing on your chosen Legazy products, or even understand the beauty of our ancient language. You can also check out the extensive collection of Baybayin products from the brand by visiting the website:


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