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Choosing The Right Baybayin Bag For Your Personality with Legazy

Choosing The Right Baybayin Bag For Your Personality with Legazy

From budget-friendly bags to high-end premium designer bags, each person has their preference when it comes to the bag that they purchase. Everyone has their style which is also equal to their form of expression into their identity. When it comes to bags, it can provide an insight into an individual’s personality, and lifestyle. However, if you are unsure of which is the right bag to fit your lifestyle, find out through this blog how each Baybayin bag fits different personalities. 

Baybayin Tote Bag 

Are you always on the go? Well, the classic Tote Bag is your perfect everyday partner. People who use tote bags tend to rely more on versatility and functionality for their necessities. Most that use the classic tote bag value how minimalistic and practical the bag is for daily usage. With less complicated pockets, a simple bag design, and easy access to their personal belongings, it becomes a favorite accessory for those with personality traits who are organized, minimalist, and always ready to go enjoy an outdoor activity. 

The Bayong 1.0 by Legazy is preferred by many Filipinos who are out to hang out with friends, on trips with family, or even just a casual day out with their loved ones. Unlike most classic tote bags, the Bayong 1.0 comes in several colors, and a small leather pocket perfect for tucking your small items, while having more space for other essentials within the main pocket. The Baybayin straps, which are a staple for the bags add a touch of Filipino culture wherever you go. 

Baybayin Crossbody Bag

If you are the type of person to prioritizes efficiency and carries only the essentials, then the Crossbody bag is made for you. Built to be compact, with secured pockets and zippers to keep your phone, wallet, keys, and other small items. Most that use the Crossbody bag rely on keeping their essentials in one place while having their hands free to interact with others or participate in events. Social and friendly personality types tend to go for crossbody bags and are often eager to spend time mingling with others in social gatherings.

As a social butterfly who loves to enjoy time outdoors and is involved with different activities, the Sukbit 2.0 is ideal for any extrovert. With multipurpose pockets and different ways to carry, the Sukbit 2.0 lets you have fun anywhere while keeping your personal belongings close.


Baybayin Backpack

Backpacks are beloved by those who value comfort and practicality above all else. If you're a backpack aficionado, you're probably an adventurous spirit who enjoys being prepared for whatever life throws your way. You're also likely to be a student or someone who commutes frequently, appreciating the ease of carrying your essentials on your back.

As diverse as the backpack can be for everyday use, many who invest in the perfect backpack look critically at how durable a backpack is to fit their adventurous personality. Thus, the Pasan 1.0 and 2.0 of Legazy caters to the practical and the daring individuals that are searching for their go-to backpack. Made with water-resilient material, multiple pockets for their belongings, and adjustable straps, each Baybayin backpack is suited for commuters, students, and travelers making it the ideal bag for any lifestyle.

Baybayin Belt Bag

Are you the type of person who wants to carry less and is not always in the mood to bring a big bag? For the people who can head out with just their phone, keys, and wallet, the Fanny pack or Belt Bag might match your personality. Fanny packs are used mostly for their simplistic design, and for lessening the load you’d bring for the day out. Some even consider the fanny pack as the alternative to bringing too many items for a quick trip to the store.

They are the best fit for those who are more practical while keeping a more minimalistic approach to what they want to bring without excessive load to carry for the day.


While these are just examples of how certain bags fit a very specific personality and lifestyle, we still need to remember that individuals are multifaceted, and having a bag to fit their specific needs could allow them to have more than one bag that depends on the situation they are in.

Understanding the type of personality someone has, can even help you determine what kind of bag to gift them to match their current lifestyle. So whether you are feeling to have a tote bag to suit your fashion taste, or you noticed that your friend needs a dependable and sturdy backpack for their next hiking trip, Legazy has your back in choosing the perfect bag for you.

Check out our collection of Baybayin bags at to find the right Baybayin bag to fit your unique personality.  


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