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Why #AlaminBaybayin Is More Than Just A Hashtag

Why #AlaminBaybayin Is More Than Just A Hashtag


Behind every product design of Legazy is a PURPOSE - to thread the line of Baybayin to reach every generation. 

Aside from the Baybayin giving a minimalist finish to every apparel, our ultimate goal is to reconnect the Filipinos to their roots. 

After contemplation and numerous attempts, we finally decided to start #AlaminBaybayin - a movement to engage everyone to understand better this pre-colonial writing system through lessons online. After a week of posting the basics and the reminders, we launched our first-ever Baybayin Lessons Livestream on Facebook. 

Our speaker, Mr. Jerico Cayl Samson, a writer, artist, and Baybayin Advocate, took the lead in our Livestream entitled "Kasaysayan at Pagsusulat ng Baybayin". He discussed the history of this gift our ancestors have passed onto us and its importance to our future. 

The discovery, first usage, and origin of Baybayin were still unclear, but it was said to be used throughout the Philippine islands since the 8th century. Hundreds of enthusiastic viewers joined us to learn that there were then different handwriting systems for every region. Almost similar-looking, but each showed intricate strokes that differed them from the other. Mindoro had two writing systems- Hanino'u Mangyan and Buhid Mangyan, while Palaweños used to have Ibalnan, and Ilokanos boasted their own, Kurdita. 

Our speaker also used this time and platform to give the audience the notes for better remembering how to write Baybayin. Seventeen characters could be a little challenging to remember, but his tips made writing it look easy. 

The discussion also extended to writing translations of foreign words to Baybayin. The first way was to translate the word to Filipino before writing it in Baybayin. The other one is to substitute some letters with the almost similar-sounding letters in the Baybayin. 

Before transitioning to the question and answer portion, a guessing game was conducted by the speaker. It showed how many of our viewers are familiar with the lessons and even yet have mastered the art of writing Baybayin. Everyone was eager to be the first to get the correct answer in the comments and was so committed that they stayed until the speaker answered all the questions in the comment section. 

This was our first Livestream and definitely not the last. We are just getting started.

Learning and embracing Baybayin takes time, and we are dedicated to using our platform to be with you every step of the way. 

Follow our #AlaminBaybayin journey, and together, we'll be bridging generation gaps and passing this gift like how our ancestors fated us to do. 



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