As we start this new decade, LEGAZY launches its latest local streetwear collection - Baybayin Streetwear Socks and Baybayin Streetwear Shoelaces. These streetwear socks and shoelaces carry the Baybayin message, Tindig - a simple reminder for every Filipino to stand firm amidst the pandemic despite every challenge that will come their way.

Last 2020 was a rough year. The pandemic has brought on unexpected challenges and detours for every Filipinos' lives. Some of us lost jobs, missed long-awaited career opportunities, and worse, bid farewell to our loved ones.

As of January, the Philippines has more than half a million covid cases, and the world, a devastating nearly a hundred million cases. Aside from the Filipinos, the economy also suffers. DTI also noted that 90, 000 businesses were forced to close down due to the pandemic. And despite some businesses reopening amidst the pandemic with new safety protocols, 3.8 million Filipinos are still unemployed. You may read this for more information:

 As we carry this motivating Baybayin message on our feet, we also honor our roots. We take with us the legacy that our ancestors passed down to our generations in every step we take.

 "Tindig" is a simple message embroidered on local streetwear to support Filipinos as they courageously fight each one of their everyday life battles. These Baybayin Streetwear socks and shoelaces encourage the hope that we will all surpass this wave of obstacles. When we hope and stand firm, we will stay above and win. 

And we may have gotten past through 2020, but clearly, the pandemic still puts us in situations we all struggle. And seeing that this pandemic affects us differently, for some Filipino families, it is more difficult to move forward and hold on to even the slightest glimpse of hope. 

But LEGAZY makes sure that no one will be left behind. We will all rise and stand firm in this fight. For every purchase of these Baybayin Streetwear socks and shoelaces, you do your part to support Filipino families affected by the pandemic. Because for every purchase, 10% will go to its partner, Project Pearls, an organization that gives back to underprivileged Filipino families. You may check out our whole collection of Baybayin Streetwear here:

Starting this new year, may these Baybayin streetwear socks and shoelaces remind you that you will remain undefeated when you stand firm and fight despite all the stumbling blocks along the road.