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Leaping Into 2022 With LEGAZY®'s First Baybayin Cargo Pants

Leaping Into 2022 With LEGAZY®'s First Baybayin Cargo Pants

Starting the year is often filled with plans and resolutions, but more times, we aren't brave enough to take that leap of faith towards the goals we've set. We often feel stuck with doubts and uncertainties. We tend to weigh on the what-ifs instead of thinking about the actual act of trying. Nevertheless, pushing forward and grabbing opportunities can lead you towards unexpected results or even incredible blessings.

That’s why LEGAZY® jumps into 2022 with a campaign to encourage more Filipinos to be brave and jump into opportunities without doubts or fear to achieve their dreams.

The PANTALON collection introduces LEGAZY®'s first streetwear, Baybayin Cargo Pants. The classic six pocket pants inspired these local cargo pants designed with the Baybayin message, "Talon" as a cheer for the Filipinos while taking the leap of faith in life.

These sleek Baybayin pants are perfect for men and women to go with any casual or even active clothing style.

As LEGAZY® continues to jump into new pieces of streetwear clothing with these Baybayin trousers, you can also leap closer to your goals and aspirations in 2022.

We understand how scary it may be to throw all caution to the wind and jump. After all, no one can predict the future, but it’s even more worth it to jump into the thick of your plans because of those uncertainties.

Though, if you are still hesitant to take the next step, here are some three important things you need to know before taking a big leap of faith to follow your ambition.

Set Your Goal and Intentions First

Before you go all-in with jumping into the unknown, you first need to know your goal for taking the leap of faith is?

Having a clear direction is important when you’re about to make big decisions in your life. It’s your compass towards where you want to go and will drive you towards the dreams you wish to achieve.

You Will Be More Fearless

Once you’ve decided to jump into the unknown, it is also your first step of getting out of your comfort zone.

Letting go of the hesitations and worries before starting your plans can make you more confident and open up possibilities you’ve least expected.

Jump Before You’re Truly Ready

If you’re constantly waiting for the “right moment,” often that moment would never come. It doesn’t mean you are to go headfirst without a plan, but rather, prepare to leap to the best of your ability.

There’s no such thing as being too early or too late in starting your passion project or chasing your dreams. When it comes to taking that big leap to fulfill your goals, opportunities will come once you take action.

While taking the leap is a daunting challenge for all of us, remember that no matter how unclear the future holds, you’re making progress in achieving all your hopes and dreams.

Of course, we would also like to thank everyone who has been with LEGAZY®'s big and small leaps through the years as we continue to create premium streetwear fashion products in the Philippines. Likewise, you can kickstart the year by wearing LEGAZY® Street's best cargo pants for the Filipinos as another step closer to living in our Filipino legacy.

That’s why as you take that grand leap of faith this year, LEGACY® 's here to jump with you on opportunities that will come for all of us Filipinos.

It’s time to make this year the perfect chance to leap closer to our dreams. To make more daring choices and live more confident lives.

Sama-sama tayo lahat mga Pinoy, tatalon ngayong bagong taon!


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