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How Legazy® Honors Every Hardworking Workers This Labor Day 2/2

How Legazy® Honors Every Hardworking Workers This Labor Day 2/2

As promised, the second and last batch of the Propesyon Baybayin Shirts is out now. Every profession is essential and just as respectable regardless of titles and salaries, especially in these times of crisis, where survival is the main priority of everyone. 

We dedicate this collection to our hardworking Filipino workers to honor them in a month-long Labor Day celebration. However, aside from recognizing these professions, we al so want to continuously support those Filipino workers laid off from their jobs and those who can't continue pursuing their passions for practicality. 

This limited-edition collection releases another nine tedious jobs that have been affected by the pandemic - Nurse, Soldier, Accountant, Seaman, Pilot, Marketing Associate, Chef, Director, and Call Center Agent. 

Who are these nine professionals?

These are the individuals who take pride in their respective jobs, but the changes brought by the pandemic have made them suffer. 


Along with our doctors, our nurses are risking their lives daily by taking care of their patients and ensuring they stay healthy and on the path of recovery. While we are working for eight hours at our homes, their job requires them to stay in the hospitals for even longer hours.


Aside from securing the country and protecting the people, soldiers have been a big help in the country's fight against the pandemic. They are devoted to their jobs despite the high safety risks and are involved in the response and rescue efforts during calamities.


Our accountants, apart from financial reporting, play a significant role in evaluating business strategies and performances. Especially now when most companies are adapting to new ways of doing business. 

Call Center Agent

Call center agents are often overlooked and underestimated, but they have greater responsibilities than they seem. Even with the pandemic, some companies didn't enforce work from home regulations. However, they still support us and assist us in technical matters over the phone and the internet while managing their best to stay safe. 


With governments banning international travel, the demand for flights has declined swiftly, affecting airline workers. But after a year of pandemic, the rules on international travel changed. Our pilots were required to follow specific directions to ensure the safety of all the passengers. 


Despite the pandemic, our seafarers maintain the movements of supply chains. Some were stuck in the sea and away from their families. But they are enduring the challenges and risks to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in global trade. 

Marketing Associate

In this crisis, marketing needs to be strategized carefully to stay relevant and, most importantly, to meet the needs of the consumers. Marketing associates ensure that businesses stay afloat while being helpful to the communities.


Many restaurants closed down for good leaving our chefs with no choice but to adjust and persevere with their talents elsewhere. Some of them resorted to opening up their businesses catering to people online despite all the risks of losing capital and venture failure to provide food at our tables. 


The entertainment and creative industries also suffered from the pandemic because productions are challenging and costly to organize. After all, safety should still come first. But our directors didn't give up and kept pushing projects with all the resources they have and new systems to create masterpieces for us to enjoy. 

It is important to note that every profession is worthy despite having different responsibilities. And this May, we celebrate all kinds of work in all industries. We admire your hard work and perseverance in these trying times to provide for yourself, your dreams, and your families. 

And to support workers who are majorly affected by the pandemic and, most importantly, those who lost their jobs, we launch this Propesyon Baybayin Collection. For every purchase of a Propesyon Baybayin Shirt, we will allocate a portion to fund our mobile community pantry that will travel to remote areas in dire need of help. 

Last May 22, we organized our first community pantry in Cavite, and we have successfully helped almost a hundred families with your support. We send our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has purchased our first batch of Propesyon Baybayin Shirts. Let's continue this bayanihan as a part of the celebration of Filipinos' diligence! 

Mabuhay ang mga Manggagawang Pilipino!


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